Automated Packaging System

Seamless Solutions with Minimum Downtime
We have the capability to vertically integrate load unitization systems into production lines, which provides a seamless fit with the palletless handling systems downstream. This provides a key advantage to customers who choose to partner us as we have the experience and expertise to seamlessly integrate them all together.

As a total solutions provider, Sunstream has combined both critical expertise and reputable equipment to enable line integration for end-of-line packaging needs. From providing in-the-box cushioning systems to load unitization systems, all integrated onto an existing production line, Sunstream has the experience to execute and commission these systems seamlessly with minimum downtime.


Case Equipment

Lantech Case Erectors deliver square cases, do not jam and overcome common case manufacturing variations. Lantech Case Sealers handle all types of flutes, double...

In-the-box Cushioning & Void Fill Systems

Package cushioning is used to help protect fragile items during shipment. It is common for a transport package to be dropped, kicked, and impacted,...

Pallet Wrapping

Unitize your load by Stretch Wrapping or Stretch Hooding. Choosing a pallet packaging method can significantly impact overall profitability, sustainability, and distribution chain performance.


Conveyors are critical in automation systems. Automation demands efficiency, and conveyors are one way you can enhance the productivity of your processing line.

Palletizing Equipment

Forming a high-quality unit load is the goal of every type of palletizing process. Equipments involved in his process can include a Pallet Dispenser,...

Packaging Consumables

The best unit load is more than the sum of its parts. It is the right configuration of pallet design and pallet packaging consumables...

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