Sunstream material handling equipment forks

Material Handling Equipment

What is Material Handling Equipment?

Material Handling Equipment plays an essential role in manufacturing and logistics. Mechanical equipment is used for the movement, storage, and protection of goods throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and finally, disposal. Almost every type of goods or load needs to be transported by material handling equipment in plants and warehouses. The primary objective of a material handling equipment is to reduce the unit cost of production and increase efficiency.

Our material handling equipment brands offer several benefits over other brands, including increased efficiency, enhanced safety, minimal downtime, and an excellent user experience. Do you have further enquiries about our material handling equipment? Contact us today!

Why is Material Handling Equipment important?

Material Handling Equipment is integral to designing the efficient flow of material and processes. Whenever technically and economically feasible, material handling equipment can be used to reduce and replace the need to manually handle material. Most existing material handling equipment are semi-automated because a human operator is required for tasks like loading/unloading and driving that are difficult or too costly to fully automate. However, ongoing advances in sensing, machine intelligence, and robotics have made it possible to fully automate an increasing number of material handling tasks.

With our automated material handling equipment, time and labour required for manual handling is significantly reduced, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Moreover, our material handling equipment reduces the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual handling and improves overall safety in the workplace.


Sunstream material handling equipment forks


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Sunstream material handling equipment fork positioner

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Sunstream material handling equipment carton clamp

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