Battery Handling Systems

Move it. Wash It. Charge It. Stack it. From Forklift Battery Changing to a Single Charging Stand to a Multi-Level Automated System, Sackett sets the industry standard.

With Sackett’s innovative forklift battery changer systems, switching out batteries is fast and effortless, reducing downtime and improving safety.

From single charging stands to multi-level automated systems, Sackett’s battery changers are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. With Sackett’s forklift battery changers, you can expect nothing less than the industry standard in performance, reliability, and quality.

Transfer Carts

For different applications, Sackett’s forklift battery transfer carts are the best in the business. From manual transfer carts to automatic, Sackett will deliver regardless...


Sackett’s Hydra-Handler stacks and sorts forklift batteries quickly and safely.

NorthStar System

The NorthStar is Sackett’s latest battery changing system. The NorthStar’s fully automated technology will create a more efficient, safer, and more reliable battery changing...


Sackett’s Powered Traveling “A” Frame eliminates the high cost of a Bridge Crane or a Jib Crane. Track mounted Hydraulic Powered wheels assure smooth...

Charging Stands

Different facilities call for different configurations.  That’s why Sackett has developed a versatile line of forklift battery charging stands.  From our single level to...

Battery Wash Systems

Protect your investment in your batteries with a SACKETT BATTERY WASHER with its unique NEUTRILIZING CYCLE. Regular washing and neutralizing of your batteries reduces...

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