Attachment Options and Accessories

Options and Accessories help you optimise your attachment’s performance. A forklift attachment is a versatile option that can transform your forklift into a powerful lifting machine, increasing the efficiency of your operations. It can be customized to handle items of various shapes and sizes and provides access to hard-to-reach areas. With a forklift attachment, you can streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and boost profitability, making it a cost-effective solution to optimize your forklift’s performance.

Benefits of Utilizing Different Forklift Accessories

  1. Add additional value and capabilities to your forklift

    Our extensive range of forklift accessories helps you maximize and optimize your forklift capabilities and add additional functions. Accessories such as our multi-setting relief valves enable you to set three different pressure settings, allowing you to handle multiple loads with precision quickly. Others like the hydraulic force control sense the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift the load and adjust clamping pressure as the load’s weight increases or decreases.

  2. Ease of use for the Operator

    Forklift accessories such as forklift cameras and touch force control reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace due to human error and increase the forklift operator’s efficiency. Forklift cameras reduce blind spots and provide an unobstructed view of obstacles, increasing the forklift operator’s precision.

  3. Prevent Load Damage

    Finally, forklift accessories such as the Load Cushion reduces shocks to the load, equipment, and operator. Simultaneously, the clamp open guard adds an additional layer of security to prevent load dropping. These accessories are focused on preventing load damage, reducing cost, damaged goods, and increasing your bottom line.

Portable Clamp Force Tester

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Hydraulic Force Control

Hydraulic Force Control is a hydraulically controlled automatic clamp force system that changes the clamp force proportional to the load weight. It works by...

Digital Tilt Indicator

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Wireless Pressure Monitor

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Touch Force Control

TFC is a pressure and force control system that allows drivers to easily select the product being handled which then automatically applies the appropriate...

DAGS Magnetic Fork Covers

Versatile slip resistant fork covers designed for use in any industrial sector where forks are used to lift products that could be damaged from...

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