Stretch Film

Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film (LLDPE) wrapped around palletized goods to unitize them and keep items tightly bound. Stretch film is usually made from LLDPE which has properties such as a good balance of weight, cost, and strength. Stretch film also is able to offer an extent of protection from the elements and tampering. In warehouse distribution, as the demands for increased productivity continues to rise, it is a priority to make sure boxes stay on the pallet and properly aligned.

In pallet unitizing, the stretch film can have several functions:

– Improve the stability of products or packages by forming a full unit load

– Create more efficient handling and storage of unit loads

– Dust and moisture protection

– Tamper resistance and protection from package pilferage

Quality Stretch Film can stretch 3 times or more. Its performance depends on the type of stretch film, the stretch wrapping machine and most importantly, the product load. There are also several types of stretch film available, with color or UV features.

For optimum applications in the stretch film on a stretch wrapping machine, please refer to our section on Stretch Wrapping Machines.

Benefits of Stretch Film for Businesses:

  1. Product Protection:

    Stretch film safeguards goods from dust, moisture, and damage during storage and transit.

  2. Cost Efficiency:

    It’s a cost-effective packaging solution, reducing material waste and shipping expenses.

  3. Versatility:

    Ideal for various products and packaging needs, from bundling to palletizing.

  4. Improved Productivity:

    Businesses benefit from the ease and speed of applying stretch film. Modern stretch film machinery makes the process efficient, saving time and labor costs.


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