Parcel Unloader / Gaylord Unloader

You don’t get the process system headlines when your job is to simply load the stuff for all of the automated high speed activities that follow, but integrators and users are very pleased when the front end operation occurs flawlessly load after load. When it comes to quality, performance and long service life, no other unloaders even comes close to ours. We work with some of the largest, most successful systems integrators to engineer, manufacture, install and maintain systems that satisfy the most demanding application requirements (and customers).

  • Accommodate all types of containers including gaylords, hampers, and plastic carts
  • Work with all types of parcels – bags, boxes, mail
  • Integrate with any conveyor system
  • Feature PLC controls to simplify system integration
  • Customized interfaces including various feed angles and vibratory metering minimize the need for operator intervention


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