Mobile Weighing

Why do you need a forklift weighing system?

RAVAS is a leading manufacturer of mobile weighing systems worldwide. They manufacture mobile industrial weighing systems that integrate into hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks, and forklift trucks. RAVAS forklift weight scales enable companies to realize immediate cost savings by making the weighing process more efficient, thus improving their internal logistics. Additionally, weight data helps a company ensure that safety and shipping requirements are met for both inbound and outbound goods. Potential overload situations on forklifts can be avoided with prompt, accurate weight data, allowing forklift driver safety to be enhanced and ensuring that shipping regulations are met.

In an evolving market, RAVAS continuously develops new techniques that allow them to maintain their market lead and create products that are of value to customers.

In today’s world of integrated information technology, RAVAS is moving towards giving their products optimal connectivity. This means that weight information from a RAVAS forklift weight scale can easily be integrated with other information about material flows. The resulting weight data can be fed directly into a WMS or ERP system.

With RAVAS’ mobile industrial weighing systems, you stay ahead in the business you are in.

Mobile Weighing Questionnaire


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