Ergonomic Strapping Systems

With ErgoPack’s mobile strapping systems, different sized pallets can safely and comfortably are strapped with plastics straps. Users are able to complete the task standing upright, without bending and walking around the pallet. The patented Ergopack ChainLance developed for the Ergopack strapping machine guides the strap below the pallet, and then upwards at the opposite side and directly into the user’s hands.

This innovative strapping machine makes the pallet strapping process very healthy for the back and can therefore even be used by people with back pain issues. ErgoPack pallet strapping systems have been granted AGR’s seal of approval as a product particularly healthy for the back.

The Ergopack Strapping machine is battery operated and mobile. It is handy and can be used for almost all pallet sizes. Even raised pallets from the floor level can be strapped flexibly and ergonomically with a height adjustable advanced model of the Ergopack Strapping machine, ErgoPack Air.

ErgoPack founder Andreas Kimmerle is passionate when it comes to ergonomy: “If a person is off work for a long time, or even perma­nently, because of back problems, that costs a great deal of money. Many people still fail to take this into consideration.”

ErgoPack Pallet Dimension Questionnaire

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