Ergonomic Strapping Systems

Why use a semi-automatic pallet strapping system?

Ergonomic, Easy, Efficient

With ErgoPack’s mobile ergonomic strapping machine, easily strap pallets without the operator bending down or walking around the pallet. ErgoPack’s patented chain lance system guides the strap below the pallet and feeds it back to the operator, removing the need to bend over or walk around the pallet. This strap is then automatically tensioned and welded by the attached sealing head.

ErgoPack’s unique technology is used worldwide, reduces the risk of back injuries, is easy to learn and comfortable to use, and maximizes efficiency as it motivates staff and ensures quick, consistent, and secure strappings.

ErgoPack is designed and manufactured in Germany and certified by the AGR seal of approval, the German Authority for healthy and ergonomic products, enabling the system to be used by people with back pain issues.

Using an ErgoPack means a safer, more efficient, and more productive workplace.

ErgoPack Pallet Dimension Questionnaire

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