Dunnage Container Airbags

What is a Dunnage Container Airbag?

Sunstream’s Dunnage container airbags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo in containers, trucks, and ships. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure cargo stabilization during both lateral and longitudinal movement and are much more effective in stabilizing cargo than wood blocking and bracing. An airbag is applied by inserting it in the void of a load, usually between two loads. An airbag inflator is then used to inflate the airbag with compressed air. As the airbag fills up, its pressure pushes the load against the sidewalls of the trailer and locks the load in place. Most airbags take only seconds to fill.

The type of Dunnage container bag required depends on a number of variables such as void size, cargo/load height, and shipping requirements. Dunnage container airbags are available in various sizes and materials (Kraft or Woven Polypropylene).


– Prevent load shifting, tumbling and abrasions, thus reducing product damages.

– Reduce labor cost and loading time compared to traditional wood blocking and bracing.

– Reusable and Recyclable airbags are environmentally friendly.

– Maximizes the use of container space, which will allow more product to ship.

– Easy removal/disposal at the receiving point ensures operational efficiency.


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