Drum Handling Equipments

Handling drums safely and efficiently is extremely important in this day and age. Unsafe handling can result in costly spills or injury to personnel. Introducing the Drum Handler.

Sunstream has a wide range of top of the line drum handling options that range from equipment that is propelled manually, has powered movement, or are forklift mounted. Whether you need to lift, tilt, dump or mix your drums, Sunstream has the best drum handler solution for you.

Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc.

Since 1947, Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc. has been a leader in providing equipment for safe and efficient handling of drums and barrels. A complete range of portable devices, forklift attachments, hoist/crane attachments, and drum dumping equipment are available that can be used for handling steel, plastic, and fiber drums, from 1 to 8 at a time. This is done by incorporating the time-tested and proven “Parrot-Beak®” clamping system.

Parrot Beak© Technology

Today, Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc. holds more than a dozen patents on drum handling devices. You can get all kinds of equipment which can lift, palletize, transport, dump and generally manipulate a drum in any fashion that your operations require. Through all that time, the parrot-beak has remained the Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc. symbol of integrity – it’s safe, it’s effective, and it backs up the claim that “you can’t afford to drop a drum!”



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