Case Sealers

What is a case sealer?

A case sealer is a piece of equipment used for closing and sealing corrugated boxes. There are semi-automatic or fully automatic case sealers. With semi-automatic case sealers, the operator fills and loads a box at the case sealer entrance. The operator closes the top flaps and feeds the box in or through a machine that automatically applies tape/glue on the top and bottom of the box. Fully automatic case sealers do not require an operator to be present. All functions of the case sealer can be automated.


– Controlled entry of cases into a machine which keeps cases square

– Auto adjustment for case width variations by adjustable infeed guides that introduce the case into spring-loaded side belts which move in/out to compensate for minor differences in case widths

– Smooth case transit through the sealing cycle via rollers

– Ensures the proper folding of the flaps. Folds the flap perpendicular to the case walls so the top side flaps will be horizontal when they are closed

– Easy tape change and accessibility

– Precision glue patterns

– Safe operation

– Fast and easy changeover of carton boxes

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Download the e-brochure and request for a case sealer quote here:

Lantech Case Sealer Questionnaire


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