Case Erectors

The case erector is essentially a box maker that forms perfectly rectangular cartons, guaranteeing a trouble-free packaging process. This machine will take a folded cardboard box and erect it. The best case erectors can make perfect boxes without fail. They can even assemble boxes that are recycled, corrugated, poorer quality, or used. This saves on having to use new boxes all the time.


– Ergonomic blank loading. Easy to load machine that allows you to load while the machine is in operation. Allowing for simple and fast adjustments.

– Precise case forming. 8 suction cups securely holds the case in position while corners are formed. Pick up frame ensures 90-degree angles on case corners.

– Sequential flap folding. Unique flapfolders maintain 90 degree corners.

– Auto adjustment for case variations. Spring-loaded side belts hold case firmly in position.

– Easy tape change. Accommodates most brands of tape. The operator can mount and thread new tape roll in less than 20 seconds.

– Precision glue patterns. High-efficiency glue nozzles provide exceptional control of glue beads.

– Safe operation. Transparent safety shields and safety curtains are able to protect operators from any mechanical components. Electrical interlock switches function to halt the machine when any door is opened.

– Fast and easy changeover. Rulers and counters ensure accuracy and repeatability.

Lantech Case Erector Questionnaire


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