Air Cushioning

AirWave1 – flexible and modularly expandable

FLÖTER introduces the next generation of air cushion machines: the AirWave. Quick, quiet, connected to Bluetooth, modular and cost-efficient. Light at only 5.6kg, the AirWave1 delivers powerful performance.

It supplies up to 4 workstations with reliable air cushions – made in Germany. It is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into your system technology.

Whether small cushions or wide pads, the AirWave1 is a top performer in all categories. The intelligent system features “one-key” technology with a patented outstanding design.

AirWave2 – Fast and flexible

The AirWave2 is the latest development resulting from thousands of installed and tested AirWave1 air cushion machines from FLÖTER .

Uncompromising on efficiency, speed and quality, the AirWave2 is the most flexible and user-friendly premium Model of the AirWave series.

Low maintenance, quiet, durable – made in Germany.


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