Air Cargo Lifts

Air Cargo Lifts from Southworth Products Corp are high-capacity, heavy-duty scissor lifts designed to speed and simplify the transfer of loads to and from transport vehicles to cargo terminals and off-site warehouse and distribution center facilities.

The standard air cargo lift platform is equipped with inverted casters placed in a uniform grid pattern that allow cargo containers and Unit Load Devices (ULDs) to be maneuvered or moved easily across the deck in any direction. A platform deck without the caster array can also be provided. The platform deck is coated with a durable grit slip-resistant finish to provide workers with sure footing as loads are moved across it.

Capacity Lowered Height Raised Height Elevating Time Standard
Shipping Weight
15,000 lbs 19″ 68″ 34 sec.
120″ x 156″ or 156″ x 156″ 7.5 460/3/60
other voltages available
8,800 lbs


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