Sunstream Industries Pte Ltd strives to meet or exceed our customers’ needs through providing quality material handling, packaging & automation solutions and excellent services. In doing so, we also strive to be a socially responsible company to prevent environmental pollution. We aim to achieve the above through:-

Striving to ensure customers’ requirements are clearly understood and met through:

  • Excellent service;
  • On-time delivery; and
  • Competitive pricing;

Implementing effective quality and environmental objectives to continually improve our quality and environmental performance;

Planning and implementing effective measures to manage wastes and use resources efficiently especially in our operational activities; and

Lasting compliance with applicable environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.



Sunstream is committed to continual improvement in providing a safe and healthy work environment. We do this through establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective occupational health and safety management programme to achieve our overall objectives and targets by:-
Striving to ensure customers’ requirements are clearly understood and met through:

  1. Committing to anticipate hazards  and eliminate them to prevent personal injury/illness to employees or loss/damage to equipment and property.;
  2. Ensuring a high level of compliance by meeting applicable OHS legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribe and adopting best practices.
  3. Training and educating employees and contractors to prevent accidents and injuries, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Looking into and implementing all reasonable measures to provide the best possible care in maintenance of our equipment and facilities.

It is the responsibility of every employee to take all possible measures in preventing injuries and ill health both to himself/herself and his/her fellow colleagues.

The Policy should be communicated to all persons working under the control of Sunstream with the intent that they are aware of their individual OHS obligations.

The Policy should be made available to interested and relevant parties.

The prevention of accidents is a joint effort. We will work as a team to continually improve on our occupational health and safety performance and OHS management System to make our Company the best and safest place to work

The Policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is relevant and appropriate to Sunstream.

The Policy shall be documented, implemented and maintained.