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Stationary Load Inverter Load Transfer Station
"Pallet transfer to slipsheet or change of damage/export pallet" These words, mean excessive work, massive manpower, overtime and extra costs. Some organizations went through endless hours in the night transferring or exchanging pallets. Be it wooden pallets to slipsheets or vice-versa, when it is unavoidable, great investment of manpower and time will prove damaging to the operation and costs.

"Mixing Drum Content" This word, from the mouth of a supervisor only takes the slightest tickle of the jaw muscle. However when it comes to the people making it happen, it takes more than muscle to accomplish it. We all know that this is not "just another task" as compared to mixing a cocktail drink in a shaker.

There is a more economical and speedy way to go about these tedious processes. Your answer to these challenges is the Stationary Load Inverter.

Stationary Load Inverter allows user to achieve several desires.
Transfer Pallet (Wooden Pallet to Slipsheet) - How It Works :
1) The unit load is placed into the Stationary Load Inverter with a second pallet on top. 2) The product is clamped at the required pressure by the "Top Clamp" arm. 3) Stationary Load Inverter is rotated 180° and the load is transferred to what was the top pallet. 4) The "Top Clamp" arm is released.
Drum Mixing Arms with Pallet Inverter
With the Drum Mixing Arms, mixing the drum content will be merely twitching a finger. The inverter rotates 180 degrees and back to home position. Allowing you the kind of mixing you can achieve just like turning a cocktail mixer.

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