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Paper Cushioning

The Ranpak converter comes in various ranges that fits your operation requirement. With our system engineer, Ranpak can be smoothly integrated into any industrial process.

This is the system that allows you the flexibility to position and orientate for the input-output of raw material and cushioning pad. With the system incorporation flexibility, it is no wonder some called it "The Workflow Specialist".



Time Proven Cushioning System
Paper Roll
Padpak Senior
Cushioning Pad
Paper Roll
Padpak Senior
Cushioning Pad
The Ranpak range of converter transforms paper to cushioning pads giving you environment friendly cushioning solutions. This "In-The-Box" packaging system is definitely your Recycle, Renewable and Biodegradable solution.
Type of Cushioning Pad

Brace cushion and protect the surface of fragile product.

Place pads over the top of products.


Ideal for bracing the product within the carton.

Place 3 pads on top of product in the box forming a star.

Tight Coil

Ideal for cushioning heavy products.

Place on top and bottom of product.

Loose Coil

Very ideal for top void filling.

Place coil on top of product before sealing the carton box.

Folded Pad

Ideal for bracing the product within the carton.

Fold it into half or tri-folding.
Insert in between the product and the carton wall.


Ideal for void fill applications.

Form the pad into a 'S' on top of product in the carton box.


Ideal for cushioning and protect delicate objects.

Interweave the pad and the product together.


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