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1) Pallet Load Securing and Protection

Stretch Wrapping allows you to lock products in place on a stable base. The holding force of the stretch film keeps the products from shifting, which can cause damages. This kind of packaging method brings about the following benefits;

  • Stretch Wrapping creates an attractive packaging.
  • Productivity can be increased because stretch packaging is fast and easy.
  • Stretch film conforms to any shape and it spreads its holding force across the product to prevent shifting and damages.
  • It provides extra protection from dirt, moisture and abrasion since it can completely cover the products.
  • Due to its outstanding clarity, stretch films offer better product identification for reduced shipping errors.
  • Stretch packaging reduces the amount of packaging materials required which results in significant resource reduction.

Stretch Wrapping with Edge Protectors reduce shipping costs and product damage, improve customer satisfaction and provide superior load stability. They are efficient and environment-friendly methods of reducing customer rejection rates.


2) Container Load Securing and Protection

Sunstream/Stopak dunnage bags are used to secure various types of cargo in containers, road/rail trucks and ships. The bags are places in the voids between cargos and then inflated with compressed air, thus pushing the cargo against the container sidewalls. This acts as a deterrent to prevent cargo from moving during transit.

Sunstream/Stopak dunnage bags are constructed from one or more piles of Sack Kraft paper and an inner tube of polyethylene film. The strength of the bag is governed by the piles of paper. The bag is inflated through a one-way entry valve and the valve construction allows the bag to be re-used.

Sunstream/Stopak dunnage bags are manufactured from 100% recyclable products. The international recycling symbol for polyethylene and paper are displayed on the bag.

ProDri is a formulated desiccant manufactured in South Africa specifically for use in export containers. It is highly hygroscopic and will activate instantly to absorb free moisture.


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