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Battery Handling System

Why does you need Battery Handling System?

When it comes to battery operated forklift equipment, the biggest headache is charging them and making sure that batteries are fully charged up when you need one. Charging batteries may seem to be as easy as plugging the power in. In actual fact, it is a process that cannot be taken lightly as problems may prove to be quite damaging. For example,

  • Overcharging
  • Forklift dead as no spare battery is ready
  • Chemical leakage
  • Charging batteries with water level low
  • Short circuit on forklift trucks
  • Battery management comes as a crucial part of daily operation when it comes to continuous operation with a fleet of electric forklift trucks.
SACKETT SYSTEMS, INC. is a design, engineering,and manufacturing company of Battery Exchange Equipment and Material Handling Equipment. In business since 1897, Sackett Systems, Inc. is a pioneer in the battery exchange equipment, developing the first lifting beam, transfer cart, and Hydra-Handler. Our customer lists include world class companies in the automotive, retail, distribution, grocery, food processing industries.



Sackett Product Line

  • Northstar
    - Fully automated;
    - Ten-high stacking battery;
    - One minute battery changes.
  • A-Frame Systems
    - Gantry Cranes for overhead extraction.
  • Hydra-Handlers
    - Single Stacking to Five-High systems;
    - PLC controlled Centurion Model;
    - Centurion Elite with automated positioning.
  • Transfer Carts
    - Manual;
    - Powered;
    - Pallet Jack and Fork truck-mounted;
    - Track-mounted.
  • Super Exchanger
    - Budget-friendly single-level.
  • Battery Handling Accessories
    - Battery Monitoring and Management;
    - Pogo sticks;
    - Watering carts and guns;
    - Spill kits.

Volume-Based Battery Handling Solutions

Ruggedly built to efficiently handle industrial lift truck batteries, our battery exchange equipment increases our customers' productivity by leading the industry in durability, reliability, and serviceability.
Our complete line of battery exchange equipment includes:
1. Single, double, triple, quad or five-high stacking Hydra-Handler systems;
2. Battery Charging Stands;
3. Powered and non-powered Transfer Carts;
4. Powered and non-powered A-Frames (Gantry Cranes) for overhead extraction;
5. Battery Wash Racks or Automatic Battery Washers with Water Re-circulating Systems;
6. Remote Charger Display and Battery Management Systems;
7. Battery Maintenance Equipment and Battery Room Safety Equipment.

1. Single, double, triple, quad or five-high stacking Hydra-Handler systems

  • 4 Models: Super / Standard / Centurion / Centurion Elite
  • Single level to 5 High,
  • Four sizes: 24", 30", 36" & 42",
  • Vacuum or Magnet extraction,
  • Safe and efficient battery changes saves time & money,
  • Wide range of options available to customize solution,
  • Safety interlock prevents injury or equipment damage when: - Operator not in proper location,
    - Safety gate not closed,
    - Extractor arm extends outside Hydra Handler,
    - Battery is outside Hydra Handler.
  • Widest Wheelbase = Stability at all levels: Minimal Floor Flatness requirements of 1/4" per 10' vs. competitors' 1/8";
  • 10,000 lbs. capacity;
  • Simultaneous lift and travel.
Durability and Reliability built into Design
  • 10,000 lbs capacity;
  • Highest quality components;
  • 5" x 3" structural tubing in base frame;
  • 8" x 6" Poly industrial wheels;
  • Reinforced and equalized roller deck to ensure stability;
  • 1,500lb draw bar pull Vacuum Cup (Magnet optional);
  • Heavy duty 2-1/2" rack and pinion extractor
  • Rollover arm with anti-friction bearings.
  • High Speed Centurion Model
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC;
  • HORIZONTAL Hydraulic power unit;
  • Increased Lift and travel speed;
  • Solenoid cartridge valves with indicator lights;
  • Feathered controls for smooth operation;
  • Plug and Play electrical connections;
  • Fewer hydraulic hoses;
  • Programmable options
  • Proximity Sensors with safety interlocks.

Centurion Options

  • Maintenance Sensor Package: - Hydraulic temperature and pressure,
    - Lift bed level,
    - Drive chain tension,
    - Vacuum pressure.
  • Component ID module;
  • On-board Preventative Maintenance Manual & checklists;
  • Roller Deck Lock;
  • Automated battery changes: - Allows forklift operators to safely and efficiently change their own battery,
    - Reduces labour costs in battery rooms.
  • SICK personnel safety devices prevent collision with personnel or equipment;
  • FIFO battery utility;
  • Lighted wands and on-board instructions makes it easy to train multiple users rather than having a dedicated operator.

Centurion Elite Description

  • Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller;
  • Enables Fork Lift Operator to safely and efficiently change their own battery;
  • Only actions performed by fork lift operator are: Plug and Unplug battery in charging stand;
  • No modifications to batteries, fork lifts, or chargers required;
  • All other actions are automated including;
  • Battery transfer to and from truck and charger stand;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Lighted Wands;
  • Screen Prompts;
  • Lasers for easy positioning;
  • Sensors to identify fork lift battery compartment.

Centurion Elite Benefits

  • Labour Savings: Eliminates dedicated battery room personnel;
  • Speed: - Speed up time consuming alignment,
    - Eliminate extraneous movements.
  • Equipment Damage: - Pre-programmed alignment on charger stands,
    - Photo-eye sensors for positioning and alignment to lift trucks,
    - Front/Rear SICK personnel laser detection.
  • Efficiency: - Integrated FIFO to ensure proper battery rotation,
    - Schedule battery maintenance (watering/washing).

2. Battery Storage Stand Features

Battery Stands

  • Battery Storage Stands: Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Completely Welded in 2-high sections for superior quality, longer life and simple installation;
  • 3" x 3" x 3/8" square tubing uprights;
  • 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" angle inner frame:
    - Integrated cable routing runways,
    - Roller Beds.
  • All rollers manufactured at Sackett with a 3 years warranty;
  • No lead rollers or slide strips to replace;
  • All rollers are 2 3/8" diameter with ¼" PE coating over steel tube with sealed bearings on an 11/16 hex axle;
  • Rollers sloped back ¼" for safety and to ensure battery rests firmly in stand;
    - Handrail, catwalk, and ladders available for multi-level systems.



3. Powered and non-powered Transfer Carts
Pallet Jack Mounted Transfer Carts
- 3,000lb and 5,000lb capacity available;
- 4 position telescoping arm standard;
- Dual Level and Powered Lift available for mix of reach/pallet and sit-down trucks;
- Updated solenoid electronic valves for longer life and easier servicing.

X Changer

  • Track-mounted design minimizes footprint;Lift from 6 ½" to 23";
  • Works with all Forklift styles;
  • Easy installation;
  • Cost competitive to Pallet
    *Jack Mounted models (including the cost of the Pallet Jack).

Model B PJTC

  • 4000 lb capacity;
  • Telescoping extractor arm;
  • Cantilever design for use with trucks with outriggers;
  • Easy installation;
  • Magnet or Vacuum extraction;
  • 3 sizes: 24", 30", 36".

HPT and HFT Models

  • HPT = Pallet Jack Mounted, HFT = Fork Mounted:
  • 5000 lb capacity;
  • Heavy-duty construction;
  • Telescoping extractor arm;
  • Vacuum or magnet extraction
  • Powered Lift model with lift from 6 ½" to 23";
  • Dual Level model for use with sit-down and stand-up style forklifts.

4. Powered and non-powered A-Frames (Gantry Cranes) for overhead extraction

  • Harrington Hoist easily attaches to trolley;
  • 2 & 3 Ton A-Frames available;
  • Easy installation;
  • 10" dual flange drive, poly wheel option available to avoid trip hazard;
  • Pipe hydraulic lines across top of I beam and up sides of A-Frame are all mounted and tagged;
  • Heavy duty construction:
    - 10" channel base for wheels,
    - 2" x 4" tubing uprights.
  • A-Frame Systems: The Harrington Hoist Advantage
  • Motors:
    - 60 minute rating vs. 30 minute rating,
    - 2.4 HP vs. competitors 1.0 HP.
  • Brakes:
    - Electric, conical, self-adjusting, with no separate coil vs. DC disc brake with coils and adjustment for wear required,
    - Standard electric trolley brake included vs. not included as standard on competition.
  • Chain Guide:
    - Larger, thicker, and more durable cast iron vs. competitor's stamped steel.
  • Electrical Connections:
    - Unique quick disconnect plug assembly for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Hoist and Trolley Enclosure Rating NEMA 3R Rated are sealed to

5. Battery Wash Racks or Automatic Battery Washers with Water Re-circulating Systems

  • Battery Wash Systems Key Features:
    - Basic wash racks to powered, conveyor input/output wash systems,
    - PLC controlled 1 Minute Wash Cycle,
    - Auto Neutralize Feeder with continual pH monitoring (with WRS),
    - 3 Stage Element Filter System.

6. Remote Charger Display and Battery Management Systems
RD-100 - Remote Charger Display
The RD-100 Remote Charger Display is designed for use in any industrial lead-acid battery charging installation. It provides a remote display of the progress of a charging cycle, allowing convenient monitoring of the operation of a charger in situations where the charger's front panel is not visible to the operator.
Significant features include:
Three LED indicators provide a clear display of the state of the charging cycle: CHARGING, 80% CHARGED, CHARGE
* Compatible with all common battery voltages -
12, 18, 24, 36, 48 as well as multi-voltage chargers.
* Easily programmed by the end user for the desired charger voltage -
No switch settings or other adjustments required.
* Easily installed - only two wires to connect.
Wires are Teflon insulated for excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
* Cooldown timer: Indicates that eight hours have elapsed since end of charging cycle.
* Cannot be damaged by connection to battery of incorrect voltage or polarity.

iBos Battery Management

  • Track all batteries for proper rotation / equal utilization;
  • Extends life of batteries and saves money;
  • 3 levels to suit fleet size and budget;
  • Easy installation and start-up;
  • Easy for operators to tell which battery to choose next.

iBos Lite

  • Up to 50 chargers - 1 battery pool;
  • Compatible with all charger makes / models;
  • Universal voltage sentinels install easily;
  • Blue light on sentinel indicates which battery to select;
  • Web reporting not available with iBos Lite.

iBos Plus

  • Up to 100 batteries / 5 battery pools;
  • Touch screen monitor tells operator which batteries are next;
  • Built in shouter alerts personnel when wrong battery is chosen;
  • Web based reporting to monitor effectiveness of battery/charger usage;
  • Easy installation using universal voltage sentinels.

iBos Pro

  • Up to 200 batteries / 9 battery pools;
  • Optional remote monitors/display screens;
  • Optional remote shouters;
  • Optional wireless display can be mounted directly on Hydra Handler;
  • Built in UPS to secure data during power outages.

Lifting Accessories

  • Beam Fork Attachment;
  • Battery Lifting Beam.

Safety Equipment

  • Spill containment kit;
  • PPE (Safety Equipment Package);
  • Shower & eye wash;
  • Hydrogen Gas Detector.

Battery Watering

  • Deionizer Filter System;
  • Water gun;
  • Portable watering tank;
  • HHA-mounted watering system.

Power Distribution Panels

  • Allen Bradley 600v circuit breakers:
    - 20 amp standard, 30 amp optional;
    - 480v input, 600v rating;
    - Individual circuit breakers for each charger on rack.
  • UL listed components and assembly;
  • NEMA rated enclosure;
  • Hubbell Twist connects:
    - Additional safety protection,
    - Easy change out of chargers.
  • Disconnect at appropriate level:
    - Allows for shutoff of individual chargers,
    - Shutoff for all chargers on individual rack.
  • Easy 4 bolt installation;
  • Organization:
    - Neat routing of AC cables,
    - Eliminates the need to install raceways and conduit,
    - Easy access to circuit breakers.
  • Easy change out of chargers:
    - Twist connects.







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