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Slipsheets, an economical material handling solution for applications that involve push-pull devices. Slipsheets are manufactured with a thicker gauge plastic to serve as a platform for work-in-process and storage applications. They are fully recyclable and provide an environmentally-friendly solution to wood or fiberboard materials commonly used for slipsheets.

Slipsheets are available in several sizes and thicknesses to meet specific handling requirements. There is an opportunity to save money in palletless handling. Unitizing and slipsheeting are two ideas.



  • Cut distribution costs dramatically.
  • Lower freight costs with our lightweight sheets.
  • Improve safety and reduce product damage.
  • 100% reusable and recyclable.
  • Moisture and Bacteria Resistant.
  • Maximize warehouse space and container space by adding more product and less packaging weight.
  • Higher Tensile Strength (Pull Resistance).
  • High Co-efficient of Friction (COF) Non-Slip surface.
  • Hygienic Cleaner Platform / Maintenance free.

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