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Sunstream innovation in palletless operation :

1. Cut costs dramatically compared to wooden pallets.
2. Lower freight costs with lightweight slipsheets.
3. Maximize warehouse storage space.
4. Reduce losses from product damage by wood and nails
5. Savings through recycling.
6. Eliminate pallet storage space.

This is achieved through the integration of Palletless Load Handling Systems (Slipsheets & Push/Pulls)

The palletless handling of unitized goods through the use of slipsheets and push/pull can save money and reduce damages. Palletless load handling system would be an advantageous and cost-effective alternative compared to the use of traditional pallets.
  1) Slipsheets

Slipsheets used in palletless load handling systems is a thin, solid fiber or plastic sheet used in replacement of traditional pallet. Slipsheets offer a relatively inexpensive unit-load base that uses little space, lightweight and requires no repairs.

More on Unitizing and Slipsheeting

Push PullPush Pull

  2) Push/Pull Attachment

Cascade load Push/Pulls are rugged, heavy duty attachments for high cycle Slipsheet applications requiring high productivity with low maintenance. The Cascade dedicated push/pulls are the best performing and durable push/pulls available.

How Push/Pulls work?

Carton Clamp
  3) Carton Clamps
  When it comes to palletless handling, Cascade carton clamps is no doubt one of the choices you should consider. These clamps are for handling a wide variety of appliances in box or clear view packaging configuration. Articulating pads provide optimum contact with the unit load. Stabilizer design distributes clamp force evenly, reducing product damage by requiring less force to hold a load. A sideshift force limitation valve reduces damage by restricting the sideshift backhand force used to position a load against a trailer wall.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Stretch Wrapping Machine
  4) Load Unitization

Stretch wrapping helps to keep the loads together and enhance the stability when handling. Unitizing loads by stretch wrapping is highly recommended as it provides high output rate and uniform wrapping which is necessary for the consistency in palletless operation.

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