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During the past sixty years, the field of material handling has developed into a highly sophisticated and important part of our industry.

Much of the impetus behind this growth stems from the realization that the impact of material handling extends far beyond the simple movement and storage of goods and materials. Efficent material handling systems can subtsantially shorten manufacturing cycle times, reduce product costs, lower inventory levels, reduce product damage and provide better space utilization.

We offer a variety of forklift accessories and attachments that enable the conventional lift truck to become a more versatile and efficient material handling tool. Products which enable a lift truck to pull, push, clamp, lift, sideshift and rotate practically any unit load imaginable.

At Sunstream, we have just the right solution for you.

Layer Picker Forward Bin Dumper Drum Clamps Fork Clamps Turnaload
Fork Capability Enhancement
Clamp For Cylindrical Loads
Clamps For Others

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