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Cascade offers a number of different hydraulic supply choices to accommodate various hose or cable sizes, types and lengths. Cascade’s THINLINE™ Hose Reel offers the thinnest mounting profile available.

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Hydraulic Valve Kits
Drop Stop Valve
Low Pressure Tank Line Kit
Options and accessories help you optimize your attachment's performance. There are :
Hydraulic Valve Kits : Cascade's hydraulic valve kits regulate auxiliary pressure and flow to your attachment when the hydraulic pressure and flow from your truck's auxiliary valve exceeds the recommended settings for your attachments.
Solenoid Adaption & Switch Kits : Cascade offers two handle switches for operator control. Use the switch design best suited for the truck handling configuration.
Drop Stop Valve : Redesigned into a single cartridge style valve that will prevent chain slack on all two, three and four stage masts with forks or attachments.
Clamp Open Guard Switch Activated Model : The Clamp Open Guard system is recommended for use on all F and G Series Paper Roll Clamps and D Series Sliding Arm Clamps to provide an added level of security to prevent accidental load dropping. Clamp Open Guard requires a definitive action by the driver to help to prevent accidental unclamping.
Electronic Pressure Regulator : Multi-Setting relief valves are popular options for controlling hydraulic clamping pressure. This three pressure setting system is used for controlling clamp force in roll clamp and carton clamp applications when multi settings are required to prevent overclamping.
Low Pressure Tank Line Kit : Includes hose and hardware necessary to install a hydraulic line directly into an existing low pressure tank line hose.
Universal Low Pressure Tank Line Kit : Includes 1/2" hoses, fittings and diffuser to install low pressure tank like kit directly to the top of the hydraulic tank cover. This does not require cutting into the hydraulic return line.

Download Brochure for Paper Roll and Load Damage Reduction Options :

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